Tutoring in crisis situations: I am offering my tutoring services to help those in need of tutoring.

I have tutored students of all ages for many years.  Over the last four or five years, I whittled it down somewhat to focus on other endeavors.  With the present pandemic crisis, I have decided to throttle it back up again.  Presently I am offering tutoring on an online basis.

With a lot of people being out of work and enduring financial struggles, payments are strictly on a voluntary basis at the present time.  Under no circumstances do I want users of my services sending me any payments at the expense of paying their bills and (or) providing themselves and their families with the necessities to get through these extremely tough times.

I offer tutoring on most topics through the high school level, and some limited college subjects.  Foreign languages I do not provide tutoring in.

Tutoring will pretty much be offered at all hours when I am available.  Please feel free to contact me at 704-545-7009 or at emtet@live.com.

Anyone wishing to send a payment can mail it to me at:

2416 Fox Hollow Road, Mint Hill, NC 28227

Edwin Tetenbaum


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