Tutoring in the New Year

Who wants to start off the New Year with excellent grades?  I always found it very hard to go back to school after a long break.  I seam to have lost the discipline and concentration of studying.  I learned that without proper study habits, I did not have the best grades.  I had to get back in the routine fast or I would not have the grades my parents demanded from me.

Eating a good breakfast was necessary for my continued focus.  When I skipped breakfast I found my mind was on eating and not listening to the teacher.

Study Habits are very important on a daily basis.  The more times I spent reviewing my notes the easier it was to remember it on the test. I always found it easier to study in a quiet room with plenty of light.  Forget the TV, it was the biggest distraction.   Who studies watch TV?

Bedtime seemed like it always came fast.  What is a curfew?  Gosh I never stayed up past ten.  If I did I would fall fast asleep at school.  That was extremely embarrassing.

What helps you study?

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